Self Worth

Hijab Khan
3 min readAug 30, 2021

Being the person who often encounter self-doubt it is easier to pivot on your lacking rather than your achievements. We all have some good and bad qualities but if we focus on bad things or habits, they will start to grow. Contrary to that if we keep working on our non-productive habits, we will slowly but surely make progress.

This is what Taghayyur helped me realize. One of the activity during the session was listing down things about me that I am proud of and making this list made me realize how far I have come and the great things that I have achieve. At the same time, I also started to own my achievements. It surely made me look better in my own eyes.

The other part of the activity was listing down the things that I love about myself. It would have been a piece of cake if I were asked to make a list of things that I do not like about me. This minute of self narcissism was a true joy for me. In the beginning I just wrote down things blindly and not giving must importance to what I have been writing. But now that I look back, I subconsciously started to take notice of those things. It’s the small things in life that makes it beautiful. And there are small things that I have been ignoring all the time just to get a taste of big far-fetched things.

Furthermore, the most exciting part was when we all were caught red handed and asked what exactly is the reason we do not feel confident about ourselves? Now, I know I don’t really love as lot of my habits, the way I look, my monotone voice but why do I feel conscious about it? I definitely had no answer to it. This was a moment of realization, I was the only one that was pulling myself down constantly. “It’s dark under the lamp.”

We are always very cautious of people’s opinion and with time we start to get used to it without giving it any ear. But along the way, we forget that it is important to not think negative of yourself even as a joke. The doubt enters in where we least expect to. I was off guard against myself and thinking things that do not really exist. I am the center of attention for me so this whole time I was the only one judging me.

Taghayyur taught me that self-respect is the way to self-esteem and self-confidence. If you do not respect and appreciate your little achievement, you will start to hate yourself for small mistakes. We have to focus on something, so let’s just focus on the bright side.