My First Group Task at Amal

“A life full of experiences is a box full of treasure.”

The whole process of a new fellow to becoming an Alumni soon is so surreal. I won’t say that the three months went off like nothing. Because I felt, enjoyed and lived through every moment of it. There was a beautiful amalgamation when some weeks passed by in the blink of an eye while others were just grasping at the straws. Let us not discuss the latter 😂.

The first month of the fellowship was most exciting for me. And if I narrow it down to the best part it needs to be the first 2 weeks. That was the time where I felt the most energy and it was totally 2 way. Also it was the time when I met the most beautiful and talented people one can ever find.

Now that I look back at that time, there are a bunch of mixed emotions and a lot of beautiful memories but what stands out the most to me is our first group activity. We had to make a dog out of the shapes provided to us.

At first I thought, “Oh that is so easy to do, anyone can do that.” And my misconception got cleared very quickly and clearly when sent out in the breakout rooms. Honestly, I just googled it to get the right answer but my teammates asked me not to share it with them until they get it. Thinking of it, now I realize how much Amal has changed me.

So after tons of efforts, we finally got it and made something. We called it a dog, I don’t know what others would call it though.

Little did I know how artistic my fellows are. They brought even beautiful species as compared to our dog. I mean we looked like, at the very least, a robot. Here you can see some of the amazing artwork by my excellent fellows.

This was my first group activity and maybe others won’t find it very meaningful but I still find it very memorable because this is the start of me developing skills and exploring myself to squeeze the best out of it. This where I realized that work doesn’t necessarily need to be stressing, it can be fun.

Amal always uses this term of “Happy Learning” and they really make learning fun.



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