Mission Thread

Hijab Khan
2 min readDec 25, 2020

Women in Pakistan face discrimination in the employment as compared to men. There are a lot of factors that contribute to it such as working environment, low literacy rate, early marriages, child bearing etc. The women are supposed to be the one responsible for the upbringing of the kids and all the household management. There is nothing wrong in doing so but it restricts a women to go out and work, it also affect the economy of the country as there are households with 5–6 members and only one bread earner.

The conditions of cottage industry are not very favorable in the country. So to promote the small scale industry and support the housewives that do not have very high level of education, I am willing to start the “MISSION THREAD”. It will be an online shopping center for women in their homes to sell the clothing items.

The process of this mission will be basically providing a platform for the women. They can make clothes at their home, whenever they have time. And then send the pictures to us or if possible, just mail it to our location. We will develop an online website or initially just a Facebook page to sell those items. This will help those women who have the skills to design good clothes, trade it for money. For our incentive, we will be deducting some amount, let’s say 10% of their total sale.

Although a lot of women are stitching clothes for money in our community, but they are not getting paid sufficiently. The online platform will help them earn in a better way since there will be potential and diverse customers available. It will benefit both of the parties and financially help the struggling families as well.