Hijab Khan
3 min readFeb 8, 2021

The students and fresh graduates usually have no idea or sometimes have wrong information on how to present themselves during an interview. Getting a job, internship or even a scholarship typically requires a successful interview. A lot of candidates have all the required hard and soft skills but they are left behind just because of very minute but serious mistakes they make unconsciously. This confusion is needed to be solved.

For this purpose, we have arranged a workshop to know the secret formula to a triumphant interview through the professionals of the field. Through this platform we help audiences practice answering typical questions. And how they play their role during the interview, learn to listen, avoid talking too much, speak professionally, avoid talking too much, how to express an appropriate level of confidence, answer questions, and ask for additional information to show interest in the job.

The first step was to find a professional life coach and we were able to have an excellent and all rounded guest speaker. Wajahat Ali Shah is an inspirational speaker, certified CDP life coach and NLP practitioner with multiple training qualifications from the United Kingdom. His training contribution includes very prolific organizations like, Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, UNICEF, Alkhidmat Foundation, Tars Foundation, Punjab Police and Punjab Rangers.

In just 24 hours, we were able to get 36 responses and what was even more surprising that we had an audience of 50 in the online workshop. The audience was with us till the very end and asked very productive and interesting questions. I would love to list a few of those:

· How to polish your managerial skills along with your developer’s job?

· If we don’t know the answer in the interview. How we deal with this situation.

· I want to ask how to maintain confidence.

· Why do companies give more space to candidates with internal reference?

· How should we behave if the interviewer shows lack of interest in your interview or demonstration?

It was an amazing experience for me and having an excellent team made it more wonderful. I am lucky to meet the right people at the right time and in the right place.

These are the links to the workshop recordings: ,