Amal Shortcuts

Hijab Khan
2 min readDec 25, 2020

Amal came up with these so simple yet so unique 5 totkay that are basically 5 steps to improve oneself.

If you take a deep look at it, you will realize that these are actually five short cuts to turn you into a completely new person. A person can be very good in the eyes of others but he cannot achieve anything unless he believe in himself. That’s the first step, Self-Talk. Now comes the second step, Getting out of your comfort zone, see you make up your mind that you can do anything and you are very very determined about it but when you step back in real world, you face something that you have never been exposed to or a problem that you was not prepared to encounter. At this point either you can run away from it or chase it. Developing this skill of getting out of your comfort zone will be the key source for you to chase your problems away. Then comes the step where you will create new habits which is interlinked to the previous point. Now that you are at of your comfort zone and try something new, eventually there will be things that you will start enjoying more. These can turn into your new habits. For some people the ladder to success is that smooth but many of us will encounter difficulties in our way. It is when the fourth step starts getting involved, which is asking for help. You need to go out and seek for help. Ask someone who have been through the same to how to cape with problem you are facing. Last but not the least, fake it till you make it. When you try to change your opinion, habits and mindset, the path seems unfamiliar hence wrong in the start. So all you need to do is pretend that you are enjoying. This will help your mind to look for the positive things in it and eventually you will start liking the way things are.

What all of us can do right now, is start the self-talk because it will clear out the path for everything else as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of mindset you have but following these step will eventually lead you to growth.